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Commercial Cleaning

Whether you’re a small or large manufacturer Father's At Work cleaning services assure that you’ll return to a clean workplace the next day.
Because we ask the right questions upfront, we customize our janitorial services can meet your every need. Together we analyze your facility and operations. Our expreienced management team oversees the on-site work. And we facilitate communication between our managers and yours on a regulary basis.

Property Types
Corporate Offices
Multi-Tenant Properties
Medical Offices and Facilities
High Technology
Industrial and Manufacturing
Distribution Centers

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Day Porters
Restroom Cleaning
Carpet and Hard Floor Maintenance
Dry and Wet Mopping
Refuse Removal
Raised Floor Cleaning
Confined Space Cleaning
Lock Out/Tag Out
High and Low Dusting
Floor Restoration
Grout Restoration
Construction Clean-Up

General Facility Services
Contract Cleaning
Facilities Consulting
Air Duct Inspection and Cleaning
Tile and Grout Restoration
Exterior Building
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Preventative Maintenance & Cleaning
Pit Cleaning
High Bay Cleaning
Paint Booth Cleaning
Conveyor Cleaning
Deep Cleaning

Special Services
Parking Lot and Garage Sweeping
Pressure Washing
Event Clean Up
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Commercial Cleaning

Expect only the best of commercial cleaning services from our top-grade personnel.

Keeping your commercial property clean is important to ensure the best quality service for your customers. However, with so many complex administration tasks you have to handle for your business operations, it is understandable that you would not have time to focus on cleaning and disinfecting. Here, we would help you out with our service.

Our professional services involve top-to-bottom industrial/office space cleansing of different types of amenities. We target all corners of the rooms and pieces of equipment for an extensive cleaning practice. Not only would this boost the morale of your team, but it would also raise the quality of your goods and services.

Trust our experts for all steps of this process; our agents hold years of experience in commercial cleaning practices. They are aware of different levels of cleaning methods that would clear out all impurities fully, leaving the property spick and span.

We dedicate all-time service support to all of our clients.

So, whenever you need sweeping or washing help, our experts would be there. Expect timely delivery of services; we create and follow carefully scheduled plans and work. Our workers specialize in different levels of cleaning services as well.

Whatever the size of your area, we would carefully check and then restore the hygiene and shine in the most troubled spots.

Our team utilizes the best practices, products, and tools for these services. Therefore, you can expect high-quality certified results in whatever project you assign to us.

In terms of our services, we deliver:
● Timely services for commercial cleaning on a weekly to monthly basis
● Proper invoicing efforts to centralize your bills and payments safely
● Get a comprehensive set of commercial cleaning services like upholstery cleaning and janitorial services
● Careful analysis of equipment standards, inspections, and response times
● All-time access to staff for scheduling and project supervision
● Organized specification listing and schedule of tasks
● Customized cleaning service for facilities
● High regard for hygiene and safety
● Details of the entire process in reports for documentation

Hire us now and see the quality and hygiene of your commercial zone improve before your eyes!

Green Cleaning

Eco-friendly cleaning solutions for safe and healthy indoor premises.

If you are worried about the atmospheric ramifications of hardcore cleaning services, don't be. We utilize only the best-of-the-best cleaning products to rid the environment of germs and maintain good hygiene.

Our main priority with our work is to ensure safety for our clients and their employees/family members. So, you can expect well-planned, checked, and hygiene-appropriate work from us.

Whether you want to rid your facility of harsh chemical residue or germs, we utilize products that can eradicate both perfectly. From the techniques we use to the very tools we implement; all are verified following environment-conscious standards.

Do not fret; we are transparent about our work and the items we use. We make sure to apply toxin-free organically produced solutions only and let our clients know what to expect. Rest assured, we avoid ingredients like alcohol, harsh chemicals, toxins, ammonia, and petroleum in our green cleaning solutions.

We only work with items that are pre-tested to make sure that they are healthy for the inhabitants. Our workers aim to provide the right balance of deep cleaning practices with harmless products to ensure top-notch work quality.

Expect the best environmentally-friendly practices from our top experts through our green cleaning efforts.
● We thoroughly vacuum/dust/wash every part of the assigned rooms at the client-specified locations.
● Our workers ensure that there is limited wastage during our cleaning services. We utilize reused items as well to preserve the environment by reducing excess dumping.
● Our professionals utilize specialized cleaning products, tools, and methods with Environmental Protection Association (EPA) certification.
● We work with microfiber mops to ensure 99% bacteria removal.
● We handle cleaning tasks for different parts of facilities like bathroom surfaces and even small-scale elements like doorknobs and light switches.
● Our workers do not reuse particular cleaning materials like mop heads and wiping fabrics for every client.
● We follow government-mandated safety protocols like using antibacterial sanitizers first, mask protection, and handwashing with soap before beginning our operations.

Hire our professionals and get hygienic premises within no time!

Carpet Cleaning

Full-scale carpet cleaning service with high-quality tools and products.

For your commercial facility or home, contact our experts for carpet cleaning services. Our team of personnel are experts in this field and use only the best approaches and products for the cleaning process. We have qualified professionals in our midst who have ample training in different aspects of carpet cleaning. So, expect only the best service after hiring us.

Our workers are available 24x7 for all clients. Whenever and wherever you require this work, our local service providers would reach the destination and provide full-scale service. We are very particular about the costs as well, and only charge user-friendly expenses for different services. After careful analysis of the overall area, we would get to work.

We have top-level associates in our team, all with a suitable amount of experience in these tasks. Whether you need specialized cleaning for living room carpets or bathroom floor cleaning, we do not discriminate and provide high-quality service throughout.

Expect deep cleaning services for your old and relatively new carpets; the surface would feel soft and comfortable afterwards.

● We utilize advanced cleaning technology, methods, and solutions for full-range carpet cleaning.
● Get the complete assurance of top-notch cleaning and hygienic methods from our best cleaners.
● Our trained professionals would not do superficial cleaning only, like soil and dirt removal from surfaces. We focus on and deliver intense cleaning work for absolute germ removal from carpets.
● We handle different methods of carpet cleaning with certified organic products. Our workers alternate between shampoo-based and steam-based carpet cleaning tactics.

The services we offer range between:

● Deep janitorial carpet cleaning to get rid of foot traffic signs, spills, oils, and dirt.
● Indoor air quality detection during cleaning.
● Maintenance service for carpets after our initial service.
● Careful stain removal and fast-drying service.
● We check and eradicate odour-causing elements from carpets to improve fabric quality.

Contact us as soon as possible if you need professional scrubbing work for your dirty carpets!

Sanitizing and disinfectant services

Deep disinfection and sanitization measures to enhance safety and health of the indoor environment.

Our world is still healing following the COVID pandemic. The need for healthy and hygienic premises is high among consumers and businesses alike. In this context, taking our premium-level Sanitizing and disinfectant services would prove beneficial for you.

We focus entirely on deep cleaning and sanitization techniques and solutions to thoroughly clean out all layers. Not only would our workers make sure there is no sign of debris, stain, or dust, but we also properly expose germs and viruses in the vicinity first with advanced detection tools.

We use high-quality cleaning products and disinfectants to make sure that we remove all signs of bacteria and germs from client facilities.

Our professionals prioritize safety for all our customers, and thus, we use only non-toxic eco-friendly disinfecting products. We have trained workers with us that know of different deep cleansing methods and routines. These are effective in preventing the spread of harmful infections and diseases.

While working in the commercial space of our client, we follow proper safety precautions like wearing masks and gloves. So, expect a sustainable and hygienic environment at the end of our service.

The main zones we focus on most carefully are places where germ and bacteria accumulation are high. We target hotspots like:
● Employee communal areas
● Lobbies
● Conference rooms
● Bathroom doors
● Elevators
● Factory equipment
● Door handles, desks, and light switches

Get the best service from us in terms of full-scale germ detection and sanitization for a protected and wholesome office environment.

We offer multiple services, including the following tasks with a high quality-centric guarantee:

● Our cleaning agents utilize advanced chemicals, technology, and tools to deeply disinfect all surfaces and rooms.
● We use special solutions and equipment for sterilizing soft surfaces like upholstery, chair covers, and carpets.
● Expect touchpoint disinfection service from us; we carefully clean all common areas that people touch on a daily basis. The examples here comprise switches (light, A.C., fan, etc.) and door handles.
● Our workers work with anti-bacterial formulae and products for deep floor cleaning and stain removal.
● We use electrostatic sprayers for disinfecting electronic items.

Choose us for your daily commercial disinfecting and cleaning requirements whenever you need it.

Strip & Wax

Sectional stripping, waxing and sealing work for balanced and new-looking grounds.

In the workplaces and offices, floor cleaning is an important part of ensuring proper conditioning and sanitization. However, particular types of floor material need to be stripped and replaced for best results. If you have worn and damaged floorboards, contact our workers for well-defined tile adjustment.

Our professionals hold experience in all types of stripping, waxing, as well as sealing tasks for floors. If you have tiles like vinyl or similar products, you would need our services. The same goes for wood-centric floorboards.

We would work on stripping the layers, waxing, and then sealing them tightly in place to provide a balanced surface look, good as new. This is important for moisture and dirt protection; both can badly affect the quality and appearance of your floors over time.

Schedule our service whenever you require; we would reach your destination and provide the best quality service throughout.

We handle different kinds of waxing and sealing projects for a variety of rooms, as per our client’s request. Some of the areas with a high foot traffic that we work at include:

● Areas for foodservice
● Showrooms
● Hallways
● Kitchen areas
● Bathrooms
● Office spaces
● Front lobby

We use safe and efficient tools and chemicals for our tasks, regardless of the size of the room. Our workers would carefully strip all edges, corners, and baseboards and clean the area. After peeling the upper layers, we apply multiple coats of floor finish for the shine and strength of your floorboards.

All the professionals at our firm focus on three main points for floor Stripping & Waxing Service.
Stripping the floor- We get rid of the uppermost wax layer and other buildups with the floor stripping method.
Sealant application- We apply a top-graded tested sealing agent on the bare floors. For the shine, our professionals would buff the floor surface. Expect a smoother shinier texture and fewer scratches and marks.
Waxing- Applying the floor finish at the last step with industrial-standard wax adds a safe protective layering.

Talk to us soon to avail of our service and get better-quality flooring in your commercial space pronto!